Monday, July 18, 2011

NetApp SnapProtect Management Software

SnapProtect software can help meet backup windows and rapidly restore data while reducing administrative costs. With its single management console, you can create, catalog, and manage application-aware Snapshot copies across disk-to-disk-to-tape. It uses Snapshot copies that have
very little impact on production operations, so you can back up more often, reduce backup
windows, and minimize the risk of data loss.
NetApp high-speed Snapshot copies consume less capacity than traditional backups and lower your costs through the use of NetApp storage efficiency technologies including deduplication, compression, and thin replication.
Some key points of SnapProtect are:
·         Shrinks backup window with NetApp Snapshot copies and replication.
·         Minimizes downtime and data loss with application awareness and virtualization.
·         Cuts costs and reduce storage usage up to 90%
·         Recovers, literally in minutes, with fully cataloged snapshot copies.
·         Simplification, with one console for snapshot copies, replication and tape.

HP Vertica Analytics System

The new HP Vertica Analytics System is purpose-built to help companies extract value from big data at the speed and scale they need to thrive in today's economy.
HP combines the Vertica Analytics Platform with HP Converged Infrastructure in a unique appliance, to help customers analyze large amounts of complex data in physical, virtual, and cloud environments, all in real-time. With this capability, customers can quickly gain critical business insights and make faster, more effective decisions.
Some of the key features are :
Real-time analytics
·         Real-time query and loading to capture the time value of data
·         Native columnar storage and execution for up to 1000x faster query performance
·         Aggressive data compression enables up to one Petabyte database in a single rack
Agile environment
·         MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) architecture for linear scale out on low-cost industry standard servers
·         Automatic high availability for non-stop operation with automatic redundancy, failover and recovery
·         Seamless integration with ecosystem of analytics solutions
Faster time to value
·         Built on HP Converged Infrastructure—optimized at every layer of the solution
·         Appliance delivery model for rapid deployment
·         Minimal setup and configuration for optimized performance

For more details , visit : HP Vertica Analytics System - Solution Brief