Tuesday, August 21, 2012

HP Service Guard Solution for Linux

HP has combined it’s expertise in Unix and x86 environments to deliver industry leading availability and flexibility solution for mission critical x86 infrastructure with Service Guard solution for Linux.
HP Serviceguard Solutions for Linux are built from the same code base as HP Serviceguard Solutions on HP-UX. That means they have the same exceptional quality and attention to preserving data integrity. They deliver reliable availability and better system integration over your entire x86 environment. Availability, virtualization, and disaster recovery all work together, offering you greater flexibility when it comes to IT infrastructure choices.
HP Serviceguard Solutions for Linux are built to address the financial, business and operational impacts of downtime in a mission-critical x86 Infrastructure. With Serviceguard, you can define, implement, and manage solutions that help to secure the infrastructure, protect data and information, and align business continuity objectives to business requirements.
Maximize uptime with HP Serviceguard for Linux. HP Serviceguard for Linux does this by moving services between servers, so quickly and transparently that users may not even realize it happened. Serviceguard can move applications automatically, to protect you from a failure, or when you decide you want to use it, such as when need to perform maintenance.
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PA RISC Environments on Integrity servers

Good news for all PA RISC legacy servers users!  HP now offers a brand new solution called HP 9000 Containers to help transition your entire application ecosystem to Integrity servers running HP-UX 11i v3.
HP 9000 Containers leverages HP-UX Containers, HP's shared OS virtualization technology, to offer application isolation and security for these HP 9000 applications running within the HP 9000 Container in an HP-UX Container. Clone the entire application ecosystem on your HP 9000 HP-UX system and move it over to an Integrity system.
You can now consolidate multiple HP 9000 ecosystems onto HP Integrity in a matter of days, with new HP 9000 Containers. These new tools virtualize PA-RISC environments on Integrity servers to eliminate resource burn with fast, easy migrations that shrink time and costs. Such HP UX environments transitioned from legacy PA RISC based HP 9000 servers to new upgraded infrastructure of Integrity servers can experience two to four times performance boost.
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