Saturday, January 15, 2011

HP FlexFabric – Virtualize your network connections and capacity

IT Organizations have long realized the disadvantages of a traditional datacenter architecture and underutilization of isolated server, storage and network resources. Since then, virtualization of servers and storage to meet changing business needs has been an accepted fact.  But this drive is applying new pressures on the multiple networks in the data centre. Some of the issues faced are : frequent changes to network configurations due to increased population of virtual machines,  requirement of more network bandwidth per server as server utilization increases. So the traditional network architecture cannot provide the performance, low latency , and quality of service required by virtualized data centres of today.
HP FlexFabric creates a new, wired-once , virtual I/O network, that provides a new data centre network architecture that is more coherent, flexbile and agile.  It can connect multiple servers to a virtualized, high performance, low latency, multi protocol network. Once the FlexFabric is wired and pre-provisioned, servers and virtual machines can be added or moved dynamically and the connections are automatically migrated as they are moved.
Some of the benefits of FlexFabric  are -
·         Predictable performance and low latency for demanding application workloads.
·         Capacity scaling and provisioning connections can be done dynamically and securely, improving business agility.
·         Change management processes which are costly and time consuming, can be removed.
·         Compatibility to existing Layer 3 switches and support for open standards gives investment protection.

For a deep dive into HP FlexFabric  please visit :
 HP FlexFabric Whitepaper

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