Tuesday, January 8, 2013

VMWare Mirage : A new way to centrally manage your desktops and laptops

How you wished you could centrally manage all your desktops and laptops, migrate their OS, do break fix operations and enable disaster recovery without going for a complex VDI solution!  This is now possible with VMWare Mirage.

Mirage offers a unique solution that combines centralized management for IT and local execution for end users.  And although it is from VMWare no hypervisors or formatting required. It installs directly into Windows. 

When Mirage is installed in Windows, it creates a complete virtual copy of that end point in the Data Centre and keeps it synchronized.  Even if the user goes offline which can happen in case of a laptop, Mirage does the synchronization when the user comes back online.  And it works both ways!  Not only the changes at the end point get uploaded in the Data centre but it also included changes from the IT team (like migration, patch or application update etc) getting updated on the end point.

This is especially helpful in case of a OS migration. A single engineer can handle multiple OS migrations sitting at his place in the data centre!

Disaster recovery of desktops is also considerably easy.  Mirage keeps a backup of the complete image of the desktop, including personalization and not only data files.  So in case of a hardware failure or a complete replacement, the user desktop/laptop with all its earlier settings can be completely restored in minutes.

And Mirage works over WAN too!  It leverages deduplication both in storage and during network transfers making it easy to manage remote desktops/laptops in faraway offices where no IT team is present.

Watch a video explaining the concept of Mirage on our Facebook page