Monday, March 21, 2011

Mac OS X Lion – A preview

In Summer 2011, Apple will be launching the Mac OS X Lion, which incorporates some of the most popular features on iPad. Following are some of the highlights of the OS, in brief.
The Mac App Store – It’s the best way to find, purchase and download application for Mac.
Launchpad – It gives you instant access to your applications, in the iPad format.
Full Screen Apps – Just like the iPad, the App is displayed full screen, with no distractions, and an easy way to get back to all your other apps.
Mission Control – It gives you a bird’s eye view of everything, including the Dashboard and full screen apps, all in one place.
Gestures and animations – The Mac OS X Lion introduces smoother and more life like responses to gestures.
Auto Save -  Auto Save automatically saves your work, while you work, so that no manual saving is required.
 Versions – Mac OS X Lion automatically creates a version of the document, every time you open it and every hour while you are working on it.
Resume  - Resume lets you restart your Mac, for example, after a software update and return to what you were doing, with all the Apps exactly in the same place as you left them.

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HP E5000 Messaging System for Exchange 2010

HP Storageworks division has launched the all new E5000 Appliance which provides a messaging solution that is large, low cost and highly available mail boxes that can be deployed in hours instead of days.
IT is the industry’s first fully self contained platform built for the next-generation of Microsoft Exchange to deliver enterprise-class messaging to businesses of all sizes.
Some of the highlights are :
·         With single part number appliance, less time is spent on planning and fewer configuration steps are required.
·         Push button wizards lets you migrate quickly without disruption to your messaging service.
·         Best practice configurations from HP and Microsoft for Exchange 2010, ensure that the service levels are met.
·         iLO2, HP SIM and Microsoft Systems Centre integration enables Centralized, remote management.
·         It can balance workloads automatically and increase mailbox size.
·         With the E5000 you can scale from 100 to 15000 mailboxes and deploy in hours, not days.
·         You can maintain regulatory compliance with centralized messaging archiving.
·         HP and Microsoft have jointly developed a infrastructure to application model, of which the Exchange is a major component.

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