Saturday, August 21, 2010

4 simple ways to extend your notebook's life.

Your notebook is your trusted companion. But most of us only think how to utilise the notebook to the fullest. We do not think what we can do for the notebook.  With proper care and 4 simple steps we can extend the life of the notebook and the extract the most from it.

The four simple steps are :
1. Take care of the battery
2. Avoid excessive heat
3. Let the air vents breath
4. Proper handling of the LCD screen.

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4 simple ways to extend your notebook's life.

Secure multi-tenancy solution from Cisco, Netapp, Vmware

The traditional way of designing IT infrastructure has created silos of servers and storage, leading to low resource utilization, inefficiency and inability to change as per business requirements.

The solution to this is Cloud computing where resources could be pooled and IT can be delivered as a service, which can lead to huge savings in IT spendings.

Even then, Cloud computing has still not been accepted by the majority of the IT community. The main impediment being the lack of confidence that data and applications will be securely isolated in a pooled environment.

As an answer to this, Cisco, Netapp and Vmware have come together to create a multi-tenant environment, in which, separate applications or customers can share the same server, storage and networking infrastructure with complete isolation, so that sensitive information is never compromised.

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

New in HP - Intelligent power discovery

HP Intelligent Power Discovery creates an energy aware network between IT and facilities.

It is a first of it’s kind technology to create an automated, energy aware network between the IT systems and the data centre facilities. This results in huge savings in wasted power capacity and downtime cost.

Intelligent power discovery combines HP intelligent PDU (iPDU), HP Platinum power supplies, and HP insight control software.

When a new server Proliant server is deployed, the Intelligent Power Discuovery discovers the servers and maps them to the power source. It also verifies the redundancy and makes sure that the connections are correct.

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VMmark world record with DL385G7 server

HP continues to invest in AMD based servers and with it's latest DL385G7 server with 12 core AMD Opteron processor, creates a world on the 24 core VMmark benchmark.  It has got a score of 30.96@22 tiles which means the 2 processor server can run 132 virtual machines.   This is about 48 more virtual machines than the 4 processor competitors.

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HP ProLiant DL385G7:
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