Tuesday, May 15, 2012

HP Proliant Gen 8 Servers

Recently I attended the HP Proliant Gen 8 launch in India.  I was expecting just a new generation of servers with the latest processors introduced by Intel. But that was not entirely correct. What I learned was that every HP ProLiant Gen8 server has over 150 new, customer-driven innovations that automate administrative tasks and improve application uptime and performance.
All these new technologies and development stems from Project Voyager, a 2 year, $ 300 million HP Engineering and development initiative to eliminate many manual tasks across the IT Lifecycle.  The aim is to create systems so intelligent that they virtually take care of themselves.  The Gen8 servers is the first step on this far reaching mission.
Basically all these innovations revolve around four main pillars, as briefly described below :
Integrated life cycle automation   Briefly this includes :
HP Intelligent provisioning.   The systems are online 3 times faster.  (all firmware, drives and tools preloaded and ready to deploy)
HP Active Health System.  Automate monitoring , diagnostics and alerting. (SmartMemory, SmartDrive. 1600 parameters monitored and logged separately. So problems analysis is 5 times faster
HP Smart Update.   (Systematically update servers with one click simplicity. Updates are 3 times faster with 93% less downtime)

Dynamic Workload Acceleration
Solid state optimized.  Next gen smart array controllers, 6 times the performance of previous generation.
Smart Data protection.  Advance data mirroring. Faster Raid setup. Lifetime data retention with  Flash backed cache.
Smart Data Devices.  Workload aware intelligence for real time application tuning and acceleration.

Automated Energy Optimization
HP Location discovery services.  Optmize workload placement with servers that self identify and inventory themselves.
HP Thermal discovery services.   To reduce energy usage and increase compute capacity.
HP Power Discovery services.  Eliminate power configuration errors and precisely track power usage by rack and server.

Proactive Service & Support
HP Insight Online.  Industry’s first cloud based IT management and support portal.
Proactive services.  Innovative new services based on HP Proactive insight architecture.
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