Saturday, August 21, 2010

Secure multi-tenancy solution from Cisco, Netapp, Vmware

The traditional way of designing IT infrastructure has created silos of servers and storage, leading to low resource utilization, inefficiency and inability to change as per business requirements.

The solution to this is Cloud computing where resources could be pooled and IT can be delivered as a service, which can lead to huge savings in IT spendings.

Even then, Cloud computing has still not been accepted by the majority of the IT community. The main impediment being the lack of confidence that data and applications will be securely isolated in a pooled environment.

As an answer to this, Cisco, Netapp and Vmware have come together to create a multi-tenant environment, in which, separate applications or customers can share the same server, storage and networking infrastructure with complete isolation, so that sensitive information is never compromised.

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