Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tipping Point, now from HP Networking

TippingPoint, a leading name in comprehensive newtork security solutions, now comes as an offering from HP Networking , after the recent acquisition of 3Com by HP.

With the TippingPoint IPS-secured network, which includes the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Network Access Control (NAC) solution, network infrastructure, applications and critical data are protected from malicious cyber attacks.

The TippingPoint IPS is an in-line device that is inserted seamlessly and transparently into the network. As packets pass through the IPS, they are fully inspected to determine whether they are legitimate or malicious.

TippingPoint DVLabs is a premier research organisation for vulnerability analysis and discovery, ensuring that the customers have the best preemptive protection for vulnerabilities and zero day issues.

DVLabs is supplemented by more than 1000 external Zero Day researchers. Zero Day Initiative, founded by TippingPoint is a program for rewarding security researchers for responsibly disclosing vulnerabilities.

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