Saturday, October 9, 2010

Single Mailbox Recovery Software from Netapp

Netapps single mailbox recovery software is a unique solution, which, when integrated with the storage system, enables you to retrieve individual messages, mailboxes and attachments without disrupting other users.
For an Exchange administrator, recovering a single message or a mailbox from the Microsoft Exchange messaging system, is a dreaded and time consuming job.  The use of SMBR software with Netapp storage eliminates the extra steps and time required to mount each backup of your exchange data for searching specific e-mails. The data can now be recovered literally in minutes, as against hours or days earlier.
With SMBR, time consuming brick level backups can be eliminated. Multiple exchange backups can be kept online with minimal disk requirement for each incremental backup. Maintaining a separate recovery server and storage to retrieve single mail box is not required. Individual Exchange items can be recovered directly to a Production Exchange server or a Outlook .PST file.
SMBR can be used to establish and verify e-mail evidence for compliance and legal requests.
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