Saturday, December 18, 2010

HP Integrity Server Blades – The New Generation

HP’s new integrity server blades BL860c i2, BL870c i2 and BL890c i2 offer 2.5 times the compute density of traditional rack mount servers.  The ability to mix and match HP integrity, HP Proliant and HP Storageworks blades within the same HP bladesystem C class enclosure , increases IT effectiveness, gives a better ROI and provides flexibility to grow as per business demands.
The basic building block is the BL860c i2 which is a 2 socket server.  The blade link technology combines 2 such server blades to offer a 4 socket BL870c i2 server and four blades together to give a 8 socket BL890c i2 server.   The integrity blade link ties together all the associated blades by providing a physical inter-blade path for the QPI fabric. The blade link also provides a path for the auxiliary signals.
 QPI is a low latency high bandwidth fabric which is used to tie together each of the nodes within the server.  The Integrity server architecture also provides memory, storage and I/O that scales linearly with the compute power.
For more information visit :  Why scalable blades - White Paper
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