Friday, January 8, 2016

VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) : Disaster Recovery Automation Software

Many organizations have a disaster recovery site in place but when it comes to testing the DR site for fail-over, most of them do not have a clear plan or readiness for same, as it has always been a cumbersome process. Same applies to moving the Data Center or going for a DR in cloud. VMWare came up with a solution to this for a virtualized environment.

Site Recovery Manager provides simple and reliable recovery and mobility of virtual machines between sites with zero or very less downtime.  It integrates with the underlying replication technology like v Sphere Replication or array based replication solutions from major storage vendors to provide non-disruptive testing and automated orchestration of recovery plans.

SRM enables the IT team to do DR drills or recovery testing, as frequently as required, in an isolated network, so that production applications are not impacted. And the detailed reports generated in this testing ensures regulatory compliance.

If the client is using a certified stretched storage solution, SRM can enable live migration of applications between two sites. With this they can achieve zero downtime disaster avoidance or a seamless data center migration, whichever is the need.

SRM can use VMWare logical switches to map network and security policies across two sites , so that the network mapping process also becomes automated.

See a brief video on Site Recovery Manager Overview at below link.

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