Saturday, February 11, 2012

Two approaches to manage and use “Big Data”

We are in an era of explosive data growth. Huge amount of data, both user generated (digital photos, videos, social media) and machine generated (financial analysis, behavior tracking) is putting enormous pressure on the existing infrastructures and creating new challenges.  Some of the challenges include, designing solutions for containing the data, efficient analysis to get the correct information and improved performance to manage the huge workloads to reduce time to information.
I am enclosing the links to two white papers which discuss the solutions to these challenges.
The one from Netapp talks about how Netapp has divided the solution sets to manage Big Data into 3 main areas – Analytics, Bandwidth and Content, or “The Big Data ABCs”
The other from HP-Vertica talks about data compression, column oriented storage to lower costs and accelerate performance.

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