Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Coud Discovey Workshop by HP

I had a chance to attend the Cloud Discovery Workshop organized by HP for one of our clients.
The format was a welcome change. The agenda, layout, discussion points were very different from normal workshops / seminars.  It is a full day slide free workshop, which lets you visualize all aspects around cloud computing, using cloud services or becoming a cloud service provider.
The HP Technology Services team, through their knowledge pool, interactions with customers globally, experience and industry best practices, has defined 9-10 key topics, on which discussion need to happen when an organization  embarks on a cloud journey.
The carefully selected topics cover a wide range, consisting of cloud computing trends, concepts, business value and ROI, technology needs, management and process capabilities, cloud enablement of applications, multi tenant security, compliance, change management , service governance and many more.
It is not a traditional sitting down format. Instead, the group gathers around a placard of each topic and discusses various aspects of each topic.  It is a highly interactive discussion, where the HP team acts more as a enabler / catalyst for the discussion and only interjects where some information is to be shared.  Each of these discussions helps to bring forth ideas, inhibitions, organizational readiness related to that topic.  These points are captured by the HP team.
Once each topic is covered, the group gathers around a planner and writes down the current and desired state of the company on each topic and the action points to reach the desired state.  A timeline is decided for each timeline.
At  the end of the workshop, based on the inputs captured though out the day and the final planner, HP gives a detailed report to the customer on its cloud awareness, readiness, and the roadmap to cloud.
The most unique thing about this workshop is that it is a purely consultative approach and nowhere in the discussion any HP product related to cloud is discussed.

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